Save The Maa Team

Savethemaa is made up of a diverse team of professionals from various fields. We, therefore, have the capacity to research and address the challenges that minority groups encounter.

The team consists of executive personnel, a board of directors, a project coordinator, professional counselors, accountants, social workers, and volunteers. In addition, we have a group of local and international administrators.

The role of this team is to oversee that the organization undertakes activities that are of benefit to the target communities in addition to ensuring that the services are done effectively and efficiently.

Emmanuel Nkonina

The Executive Director 

Tel:           +254 710 66 44 23


Role :        The President of the Organization and The Executive Director of the NGO

Overall Chairperson of the organization


The Save The Maa Board is the policymaking organ and consists of the following positions: –

  1. Presidents
  2. CEO
  3. Treasurer
  4. The Chairperson
  5. v/Chairperson
  6. The Secretary
  7. V/ Secretary
  8. The Project Coordinator
  9. Project Officer
  10. Public Relation Officer