The general objective of Save The Minority For Action Alliance (MAA) is to facilitate the sharing of information, knowledge, and ideas among people at the community/grassroots levels to find practical solutions to sociocultural and economic problems.


Specific objectives

Within the framework of our general objective, Save The Minority For Action Alliance (MAA) have specific principal objects as listed below

To spearhead educational innovation in finding solutions to illiteracy among the Minority.     To empower the girl child through education, the campaign against female genital mutilation and early marriages, and sensitize the community on the social and economic importance of the female human.

To support the poverty-stricken, especially women and the youth, to start income-generating activities. SAVETHEMAA provides them with business skills, starting capital, and how to protect and take care of themselves.

To create awareness about the dangers of HIV/AIDS to the individual, the family, the community and the nation.

To provide easily accessible health care services (treatment, immunization, TB management, STI management, follow-up services in the community, and family planning provision).

To operate schools for orphans that also enroll other children from the community, while at the same time offering vocational training.

To initiate and support community-based projects that address areas of water and sanitation.

To set up small clinics within the community where there is a need and give financial support to those self-help projects fighting against drug abuse.

To collaborate and enhance capacities of small-scale polytechnics through community projects which will provide self-reliance job opportunities within the rural areas.

To support the aged and the poor with basic needs such as clothes, food, shelter, education etc.

To provide Psycho-social support to families.

To establish partnerships, networks, and linkages with local, national, regional, and international organizations and institutions for the attainment and the promotion of its objectives.

To undertake research, publish and disseminate manuals, documents, articles, booklets, journals and any materials that spearhead campaigns on the rights of the Minority citizens.

To advocate inter–gender equity as a means for social transformation.

To provide organizational capacity assessment and advisory services to small-scale governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations.

To raise, mobilize and disburse funds and resources for the promotion of the organization’s aims and objectives.

To enter into any arrangement with any governments, organizations, or authorities that may seem conducive to the organization’s objects or any of them, and to obtain from such governments or authorities any rights, privileges and concessions that the organization may think desirable to obtain

To acquire any movable or immovable property and sell, dispose of or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property or rights of the organization.

To apply to any governments, authorities, public bodies, cooperatives, companies, donor organizations, or persons for and accept grants or gifts, subscriptions, and other assistance with a view to promoting the objects of the organization, and in taking any gift or property to do so subject to any special trust which may be prescribed by the donor thereof.

To organize , support or otherwise participate in conferences, seminars, commissions, symposia, study and training workshops, lectures, consultations, and exhibitions on issues related to the objectives or any objective of the organization.

To provide grants donations and other forms of support to other institutions, organizations and individuals engaging in similar objectives of the organization.

Do such actions as may be deemed fit to meet the specific aims and objectives.